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Most common type 2 diabetes symptoms in the society

Type 2 diabetes symptoms? What is this? Do not go hesitate. Reading this article will improve your knowledge about what the type 2 diabetes symptoms are.

Diabetes is a common chronic disease. We can find two types of diabetes. The most common form is type 2 diabetes. We found most of the people do not know how to identify diabetes. Do you? Anyway we like to describe some type 2 diabetes symptoms in this article.

So, before knowing type 2 diabetes symptoms, let’s first get a brief knowledge about what this type 2 diabetes is.

A brief about the type 2 diabetes disease

As you already know, diabetes has two types. First one is the type 1 diabetes and the second one is type 2 diabetes. According to the facts type 2 diabetes is the most common type in the world.

According to the scientists this is a long term metabolic disorder. We can find 3 special characters of type 2 diabetes. Those are high blood sugar, insulin resistance and relatively lack of insulin.

So, how can we identify type 2 diabetes? Easy, you know that any disease has its own apparent. Further we call as symptoms.  Anyway, when we concern about the type 2 diabetes symptoms, we can find some common symptoms among the people. Let’s start talking about it in the next section.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms

This is the most important thing. If you have diabetes, first of all you have to identify it yourself. I mean, you can even make a guess about you have diabetes. If you can guess this correctly, you can prevent the diabetes to develop as chronic.

How do we guess we have diabetes? Symptoms come there. You can identify any disease by its symptoms. Symptom is a physical or mental apparent. From this apparent we can identify a disease. Because of every disease has its common apparent.

We have said that every disease has its common symptoms. So, diabetes has its common symptoms too. Using these common symptoms we can identify diabetes.

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How to identify type 2 diabetes symptoms

This section you will learn about how to identify type 2 diabetes easily. The most common type 2 diabetes symptoms are as follows.

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing sores or frequent infections
  • Dark skin areas

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in detail

The first and most common type 2 diabetes symptom is the thirsty. Along with this you may feel the increment of urination frequency. This is due to the excess sugar in blood. How does excess blood sugar increase thirsty and frequency of urination? Excess blood sugar pulls more liquid out from tissues. Result of losing liquid from tissues is the thirst. Not only increased thirst but also excess fluid in blood generates more urination. That’s why type 2 diabetes increases thirsty and increases the frequency of urination.

If you feel an increment of urinate requisition especially at night, you can assume a type 2 diabetes. But increased urination is not only because of type 2 diabetes. More water consumption or high humid environment condition also triggers urination. So, increased urination and thirst is the next most common type 2 diabetes symptom.

But you could not assume type 2 diabetes from those two symptoms only.

The third type 2 diabetes symptom is increased hunger. In type 2 diabetes your body cells could not receive proper amount of glucose. Therefore this will trigger your brain as lack of glucose. Then your brain will stimulate a hunger feeling automatically.

This increased hunger will drive you to eat more food. Eating more food means eating more sugar. Your blood sugar will increase, due to the lack of proper glucose management.

So, if you feel hunger more than in previous normal days, you may assume you have diabetes. Furthermore altogether with the frequent hunger, frequent thirst and urination you can firmly assume you have diabetes.

Notwithstanding excess eating your body fat will lost. Due to the lack of energy receiving to the tissues they will trigger a signal to the brain to release the stored fat. This drives you to a weight loss. On the other hand calories you consume will wash out in your kidneys as urine. Finally the entire energy management system of your body will get lost.

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Due to the lack of energy receiving to tissues, the tissues will reduce in action. This will result a fatigue. You may feel the tiredness and irritability. All those symptoms are conjugated.

You have to keep this in mind. Feeling of fatigue does not mean that you have diabetes. Feeling fatigue with the above other type 2 diabetes symptoms, you can assume you have diabetes. Furthermore you have to remember that many other causes can drive a fatigue feeling. Stress, tiredness and many other issues also result a fatigue.

Blurred vision is the most dangerous type 2 diabetes symptom. In higher blood sugar levels your eyes will also reduce fluid. Fluid comes out of the eye lens. This will increase the density of the inside matter of the lens. Therefore the lens transparency reduces and vision goes blurred.

If you feel a slow healing of a sore, you have to check your blood sugar. Healing process may slow down if you have diabetes. Chronic sores are more dangerous because you may lost your body parts.

If you feel losing sensitivity of your feet this may also due to high blood sugar. Losing feet sensitivity is also one of the type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Sometimes you may see some dark places on your skin. These dark areas appear on the folding areas of the skin. Especially on your neck. But this is not a very common type 2 diabetes symptom. Anyway this will also come due to other issues.

At last, if you have two or more of these above symptoms what do you have to do? Let’s learn it from the next section. Next section will describe the way you have to react with these type 2 diabetes symptoms.

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How to react and concentrate on type 2 diabetes symptoms?

So, you now have a good knowledge about the type 2 diabetes symptoms. What do you need to do, if you have two or more of those symptoms?

If you suggest you have type 2 diabetes, the first thing you have to do is meeting a doctor.

Then the doctor will check you up for diabetes. You have to face some of the blood tests to determine diabetes. These blood tests may be FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar), RBS (Random Blood Sugar) and OGT (Oral Glucose Tolerance). This will describe in another article of our website. (Click here).

After doing those checkups your doctor will diagnose if you have diabetes or not. If the doctor diagnose that you have diabetes he will start the treatments.

You may have to get medicine or follow a dieting schedule or both. The doctor may give you a dieting schedule or may be directed you to an experienced dietician.

If any requisition has occurred you may have to subject to an eye test and foot test also.

The best way is preventing diabetes. But if you unable to do it you have to identify it in a more early stage. Identifying this early may ease the healing process. So, can we identify diabetes earlier using these type 2 diabetes symptoms? Let’s see on the next section.

Can you identify diabetes earlier using these type 2 diabetes symptoms?

Can you identify diabetes earlier? In fact yes!

On keeping concentration of our body and physical processes you can identify type 2 diabetes easily. If you are able to identify these type 2 diabetes symptoms earlier you can cut the diabetes more easily. The only requirement for this is having a good knowledge about those type 2 diabetes symptoms.

If you have had a good knowledge about the type 2 diabetes symptoms from this article we think we are in success.