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How to Make Your Own Diabetic diets and Be a Little Dietitian?

Control your tongue! Have you heard it somewhere? May be it is the sound of your doctor. As diabetic patient; you would have seen your blood sugar level more than your face through the mirror. Really, it’s very important about warring your blood sugar level. That’s why you are always trying to diabetic diets.

But…..! do you really know about dieting?

A DIET means your total meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner & other beverages (remind your tea time) usually. When someone invites you to ‘have your dinner’ then you may tell ‘no please, I skip my dinner as I’m dieting.’ This is the famous method of diabetes diet plan of diabetic patients. But if you are sensitive to ask about this diet plan from health professional, it’s sure he or she will tell you another name for this and it’s FASTING! A fasting could be lead to malnutrition. Therefore it should be carried on under a medical supervision only. So, is it clear not to do fasting?


Dieting has a long history. The First Popular Diet was introduced by Mr. Willium Banting. The phrase ‘do you bant ?’ was come to people’ s tongue after the Banting’s diet plan. As a little dietitian, makes diabetic diets to yourself, you can recommend some tips of diabetic dieting to yourself. But first of all you could define what is DIETING. Keeping a limitation of the diets to increase, reduce, or maintain your body weight, with a good control or restriction  of food.

Although, there are many diabetic diet formulations such as;

  • Vegetarian diets,
  • Semi-vegetarian diets,
  • Detox diets and
  • Other diets (i.e.medical treatment diets)

Additionally, to a diabetic patient weight control diets should be the best focusing.

It should includes Low carbohydrate diets, Low fat diets, Low calorie diets and rarely Very low calorie diets. Not only weight control diets but also Sugar Busters and diets with Low Glycemic Index are more valuable for diabetes mellitus.

Manage a food diary

Record all the meals you have eaten for each day. And, This will lead you to reduce the daily calorie intake. Make your meals or diabetic diets from being in a food guide pyramid. Don’t give up essential nutrients such as highly soluble fiber, variety of fruit and vegetables, low sugar and fat, especially saturated fat.

Low carbohydrate diets with a Low Glycemic Index  is the most beneficial feature for a diabetic diets.

If you are taking ALCOHOL ?

A limitation is advised if you are taking alcohol and alcohol can inhibit glycogenesis in liver. Keep in mind that some anti-diabetic drugs such as Sulphonyluraes & Biguanides have interactions with alcohol.

Finally we have to tell you about that, do not tend to purchase special diabetes products. Diabetes UK NICE advised to against for these products as they may contain high fat level and no any special benefit is giving to andy diabetic patient and they are also expensive.