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Healthy and Balanced [Type 2 Diabetes Diet]

When diagnosed with diabetes, your life takes a permanent shift in lifestyle. However, living with diabetes is manageable with a healthy diet coupled with routine exercises. A healthy Type 2 diabetes diet will include plenty of fresh fruits, non-saturated fats, fresh vegetables, regulated sugar and salt alternatives. Healthy diets help to maintain and control blood sugar, blood pressure and fats. As a result you are able to maintain a healthy weight and prevent other related diseases. Lowering the amount of blood glucose is important and is regulated by eating healthy carbs. A low carb diabetic diet helps reduce build-up of body fats and excess calorie. Better sources of such carbohydrates include whole grain cereals, whole grain bread, fresh fruits and non-fat dairy products.

Adjusting to new diabetic meal recipes is not difficult. Gradual changes over a period of time will eventually lead to success. You will be able to embrace your new lifestyle and incorporate the diet in everyday meals.

What to include in your Type 2 diabetes diet

For a type 2 diabetes patient, what you eat does not necessarily make sense but cutting on the amount of sugar intake is important. Long time ago after diagnoses, you would be sent home with a list of foods not to eat. However, it has to be a healthy and balanced diet. Changing your food choices to a favorite type that is healthy and will help you achieve your Type 2 diabetes diet goal.

Here is a sample guide to what you could include in your breakfast, lunch and dinner for your Type 2 diabetes diet. Keep in mind the goal is to have good control of your blood glucose, body fat, blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight.

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Type 2 Diabetes Breakfast Recipe

Living with diabetes, breakfasts are a must. You can skip any other meal in the day but not a breakfast. There are many diabetic breakfast recipes available that you could choose from for your meals. Here is a sample Type 2 diabetes meal for a breakfast.

A bowl of whole grain cereal with low-fat or skimmed milk.

2 slices of whole meal bread with low-fat margarine and sugar-free jam

A glass of low-fat yoghurt.

A combination of these components will provide a healthy balanced diet for your blood sugar controls. A fresh fruit for your morning meals is a good way to complement your diet.

Type 2 Diabetes Lunch Recipe

A lunch meal doesn’t have to be a heavy meal. However, Ham salad sandwich, small pasta salad with a slice of fruit is great for your lunch. A glass of fat-free yoghurt is a great drink in a lunch recipe.

There’s a broad choice of lunch recipes you could prepare for your diabetic meal plan.

Type 2 Diabetes Dinner Recipe

Dinner meals are the most important meals for many people. Despite the fact that these meal plans are no much different from what you already eat, healthy and balanced diets is the goal.

Beef stir fry with fresh vegetables and salad

Chicken tortillas

Salmon , curry, rice and noodles

Roast chicken with fresh veggies and potatoes

These meals will keep you full night long and provide you with energy to kick start the next day. A type 2 diabetes diet doesn’t have to be complicated or a restrictive one. If you are creative enough, you can still enjoy your favorite meals along your diabetic meal recipes.

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