Murph Crossfit Workout For Fast Weight Loss [Beginner’s Guide]

Weight loss exercise is one of the most sort after lifestyle recovery plan. When you have built up lots of unhealthy weight with excess calories, there are sure ways that you can use to regain natural health. Moreover, you do not want to keep working out without fast results. Shedding weight really fast and burning extra pounds of calories is crucial. Exercises meant to help you lose weight fast are vigorous, engaging and versatile. The Murph crossfit workout is one of those exercises that will help you lose unwanted weight fast. The exercise and routine, is not only meant for army men but it’s good for anybody. This exercise named after an experienced cross fitter Michael Murphy who was one of the New York Seal, but was later killed in Afghanistan on June, 2008.

The Murph Crossfit Workout Basics

In this engaging weight loss routine, it will entail a series of workout reps. Each Rep, is succeeded by another rep that is more intense than the preceding Rep. This makes this kind of workout routine a success due to its engaging and high intensity exercise. The recovery time before you jump into the next Rep is really short, to keep you aggravated for long without losing psyche and morale.The Murph crossfit workout for fast weight loss will entail;

1 Mile run

300 air squats

200 push ups

100 pull-ups

1 mile run.

This is literary how engaging this exercises could be. Other than losing weight, a well done Murph crossfit workout will help you achieve an excellent body shape, lean body and an amazing healthy weight. It’s advisable to partition the squats, push-ups and pull ups in a reliable recovery time to avoid unnecessary muscle tears, fatigue and after-work out problems. To make it more intense, you may put on a heavy weight body armor or vest to increase strength and endurance. In addition, finishing your workout with a 1 Mile run is a MUST.

Murph crossfit workout For a beginner

As mentioned earlier, this weight loss routine is highly intensive and starting it is not easy. However, as a beginner, there are effective sets of this workout that will help you gain positive results. Another great weight loss workout that will burn extra pounds of fat and calorie are Burpees exercise for weight loss. They are equally intense as the Murph Crossfit workout. For many weight loss starters, the Murph 200 push-ups are the hardest to complete.

One great schedule is the 5-10-15 Scheme;

This is a common scheme where many people succeed in. It entails a set of 20 Reps with 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups and finally 15 squats. For a beginner, its advisable to shake out the hands after every five reps to avoid tiring fast.

Another great Rep scheme is the 5-5-5-15

This particular scheme will help you recover if push-ups are a problem. It will involve 20 rounds of 5 Pull-ups, 5 push-ups, consequent 5 push-ups and finally 15 squatts.

Scheduling the whole workout in sets of 20 Reps is a great way to ensure that you achieve great results. To reduce excessive burnout regardless of the set you choose to take will heavily depend on how you partition your workout.


Burpees Exercise – Perfect Burpee Workout [Fast Weight Loss]

Many people in the world over are looking for ways to shed extra weight, and burn extra calories. They want to get their bodies in the right shape, extra lean and maintain great muscle mass. A wide variety of ways are available to achieve this. To lose weight effectively, maintaining healthy meal plans is a good way, combined with exercises. Burpees exercise is one of those weight loss workout plans that will help you shed weight and achieve a great muscle mass. There are many benefits of doing burpees exercise as they are cost-effective and can be performed almost anywhere.

They are best performed at home. However, you can still practice doing burpees exercise at your gym. It focuses on most parts of the body; the arms, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders, belly etc. other than weight loss, these exercises are good for other health problems such as heart diseases. It increases the heart rate and thus great blood flow. Burpees exercise is a highly intensive kind of workout that helps burn calorie as well as burn body fat. They are the best exercises that will keep your lungs functioning optimally, your heart thumping and your muscles toning up.

Basics to doing Burpees Exercise

To achieve maximum results, burpees exercise involves four variations of workouts. It mainly focuses on a wide variety of joint movements, body muscles and general body strength. Weight loss workouts seek to improve and enhance the body’s metabolism while keeping your heart rate high. Additionally, these exercises help to burn body fat. This is possible through excessive sweating as they are vigorous and engaging.

Burpees exercises focuses on your whole body. They focus on your upper body, as well as your lower body. Weight loss exercises such as this, will focus on; shoulders, the arm (triceps and biceps), hamstrings, the Abs, quads and the glutes. These muscle combination makes your body maintain a healthy shape, burn calorie and shed weight in a healthy way. Burpees exercise is generally a combination of squats, jumps and push ups. Consequently, with this combination, more pressure is put on the muscles.

The benefits of doing Burpees Exercise

This type of exercises are the best that will help you shed extra weight as they are a combination and improvement of your aerobic exercises. Moreover, they are exercises that will strengthen your other workout exercises without the help of any particular equipment. The main aim of burpees exercise is to enhance bodily flow of oxygen as well as keep you feeling energetic throughout the day. Even though, they are not cardio exercises, they will enable you achieve a lot that wouldn’t be gained through jogging.

Burpees exercise are great core workout exercises that improves the strength of your muscles. Since they are a high resistance kind of training workouts, these exercises offer continuous muscle contraction thus improving muscle endurance and strength.

The main achievements of Burpees exercise are a lean body, healthy weight loss, fat burning and muscle gain. All these benefits can be achieved in the least time compared to other workouts you could possibly engage in. This makes burpees exercise the best kind of exercises to do at home, without a trainer or any specific training kit.

The Best Burpees Variations

A wide variety of burpees workout routine are available. To achieve the best result in these exercises for your weight loss, there are 5 variations that will ensure maximum fat and calorie burn. Each of the variation, will ensure you get a great body shape, lean muscle mass, and healthy weight. Moreover, you will be able to incorporate a number of the variations together, to achieve maximum results.

Basic Burpee

In this variation, you will have to jump up, and drop while placing your hands outside your feet. You will then have to jump your legs back so that you are in a press-up position. Take your feet back in between your hands. You will have to jump up while clapping your hands over the head. In this form, it focuses on the cardio and quads.

Bastard Burpee

While standing, drop down while placing your hands outside your legs. You will then take your legs back to achieve a press up position. Perform one press up, then get your legs back to in between your hands. Finally, jump up while clapping overhead. This type of exercise, focuses on the chest, triceps, quads and cardio muscles.

Burpee Broad Jump

This is more intense burpees exercise where you drop from a standing position and place your hands outside the feet. Align yourself as if in a press-up position then back to between your hands. From this position, jump up and forward as far as you can get while stretching your hands out to increase momentum. Do this repeatedly to achieve maximum results. This variation basically targets cardio, quads, glutes, and hamstring muscles.

Burpee pull up

A complete rep in this weight loss burpees exercise, you need a pull up bar. You will have to drop from a standing position, get your legs back to achieve a top press-up position, then back to between the hands. Jump on the pull up bar and perform a complete pull up. For a complete pull up, you have to pull up above your hands on the bar. Do this repeatedly to optimally gain results. A pull up burpee exercise focuses on cardio, back and quad muscles.

Burpee Renegade

In a burpee renegade exercise, you will be targeting quad, chest, back, cardio and tricep muscles. You will need dumbbells to hold on each hand as you perform each set of the reps. From a standing position, you will have to drop on the floor with your hands outside your feet, as you hold on the dumbbells. Take the feet back to achieve a press-up position. Brace your core. Row each hand while holding onto the dumbbells still in the press up position.

In Conclusion,

Burpees exercise routine will involve repetition of each variation as many times as possible in a minute. With daily practice, you will notice that these repetitions increase with increase in body strength and endurance. Burpee exercises will offer an enhanced combination of cardio training and strength exercises to keep your metabolism high. As a result, your body will burn pounds of unwanted body fat and melt extra pounds of calories. This makes Burpees a great workout choice. Remember to keep yourself hydrated as these exercises will keep you sweating profusely.