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4 Popular Diabetes Weight Loss Diet Meals

Maintaining a healthy weight while trying to eat healthy meals is important for everyone. However, for diabetics, it is not an easy hurdle to go over. Accumulation of excess glucose, a build-up of calories as well as body fats makes it hard to achieve positive results. Shedding off those extra pounds could be challenging. But eating healthy meals as you try to reduce your weight will yield observable results. Choosing the wrong combination of foods in your meals could harm the entire weight loss process. This is why we discuss those popular meals you could include in your diabetes weight loss diet.

What you need to eat

Adopting to a diabetes lifestyle means having a completely new food plan. There are those foods you have to avoid eating, while others, you have to consume in controlled amounts. When you consult your doctor or dietician, they will recommend a variety of food components. The right amounts and how much should be in each serving.

Additionally, to achieve your weight loss goals, there are those target diabetes weight loss diets that they could recommend. In general, every meal should focus on a low-fat dairy meal, high-fiber foods, low-carb foods, controlled serving on lean protein, fruits and vegetables among other healthy meals. Eating healthy vegetable based fats is important in maintaining glucose levels, calorie build up and managing your weight.

Various Diabetes weight loss diet meals

The table below, shows a variety of each meal component, you could include in controlling diabetes in general alongside loosing unhealthy weight.

 ProteinsShould include beans, nuts, poultry product, eggs, oily fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines.
 Dairy productsLow fat or fat-free milk, low fat and fat-free yoghurt.
 Fruits and vegetablesNon-starchy vegetables such as kales, asparagus, collard greens etc.Berries, grapes and oranges, apples etc.
 GrainsWhole grains; whole-wheat pasta and brown rice among others.

A combination of the above food types, will offer positive results. Keeping your body hydrated is also important for overall health. Choose to take healthy and non-caloric drinks such as water and tea.

Foods to Avoid

There are a number of foods that you certainly should be avoid. Others, you will have to consume in limited and controlled servings. Some of these foods include;

  • Fruits with additional sweeteners such as jam, apple and berry sauce, canned fruits among other fruit samples.
  • Processed grains. A good example are white rice and pasta.
  • Fried foods with trans-fats and saturated fats.
  • Full-fat dairy such as yoghurts, cheese, butter and milk.

Avoiding these foods whenever possible, translates to lower glucose levels, low body fat content and low calorie intake. It has an overall effect on diabetes and weight loss.

With the right diabetes weight loss diet, you will be able to beat a variety of other disorders let alone diabetes. Adding a workout routine to your weight loss efforts will help reduce your blood sugar levels and burn excess calorie and body fat. Prior consulting with your doctor, dietician or nutritionist is important. They are able to provide specific diets with nutritional needs for weight loss.